Special Solutions/ application examples

Individuality and problem-solving are our strengths

The PERKUTE system offers solution for every requirement in
industrial cleaning technology.
Many special solutions could be developed because of the 
wide product range.

We have compiled some reference examples of already
implemented special solutions.
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Spraying cleaning facility PF 150

"Cleaning of instrument housings" 
Spritzreinigungsanlage PF 150

Spraying cleaning facility RC 82

"Cleaning of abrasive wheels with 100 bar"

Conveyor machine TW 103 with handling equipment

"For cleaning closing thrustor in time of the machine center"

Conveyor machine TW 108 with return transport passage

"Cleaning of synthetic material boxes"

Dip facility TL - 70T

"Cleaning of valve cases"

Conveyor machine TW 101 with feed system and delivery

"Cleaning of hollows"

Spraying cleaning facility FR-130H

"Cleaning of goods carrier"

Spraying cleaning facility FR-90H

"Cleaning of store cages in bulk baskets"

Spraying cleaning facility RC 82

"Cleaning of drawing dies with with 100 bar"

Part cleaning machine Clean-o-mat SP 80
with additional hand-spraying device

Toploader Clean-o-mat SP 80 with additional hand-spraying device (160 bar/optional), inspection window and lighting for the manual cleaning of complex parts.

Cleaning machine Clean-o-mat SP 80 - 2 T
for turbine components out of the aircraft industry

Toploader SP 80 - 2 tank machine with additional rinsing with fresh water and impulse blowing off for turbine components out of the aircraft industry

Degreasing of voluminous parts with
the toploader Clean-o-mat SP 200

Toploader SP 200 with hydraulically cover opening and rinsing device. Here is the possibility toprepare (cleaning) voluminous parts for painting because of the enlargement of the usable hight to 1000 mm and the basket Ø of 2000 mm.

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